Northern Beaches Relationship Counselling for Couples and Partners

Are you having trouble connecting to your partner? “We’re not close”,”You don’t understand me”,”We can’t talk anymore”.

Dealing with differences is one of the fundamental dynamics that is at the root of most couple issues. Most people are acculturated to view difference as dangerous (as a threat to ones autonomy, as ctiticism, or an act of betrayal) and therefore try to eradicate it. They try to eradicate difference by either becoming like the other person or trying to make the other like them. In reality all contact can only happen through difference. (Drs Bob and Rita Resnick)

I can assist you in finding more satisfying ways of dealing with difference in an  effort toward deeper connection, understanding, and mutual support.

You may seek Relationship counselling to help you:

  • clarify your experiences and issues with your partner
  • deal with underlying emotions and causes of conflict
  • discover how you hold yourself back in your relationships
  • learn more authentic ways of relating to yourself and others
  • be yourself and also be with your partner
  • increase spontaneity and creativity in your relationship
  • assist you to move your relationships in a direction that is more meaningful and satisfying to you
  • find deeper conection, understanding and mutual support
  • Enhance your relationship skills to broaden your sense of commitment
  • End your relationship without bad feelings

Are you ready to find out how to create a great relationship?

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